Arkansas teen rescues baby deer on frozen pond

Credit: Robertus Pudyanto

Credit: Robertus Pudyanto

An Arkansas teenager helped rescue a baby deer trapped on a frozen pond, KTHV reported.

Donna Fletcher was feeding animals Thursday when she heard the baby deer thrashing about on the ice, according to her son, Charlie Cram.

The pond, about an acre in size, was frozen over as Arkansas was experiencing freezing temperatures.

Cram said he contacted Garrett, his 19-year-old son, to help out his grandmother.

With the help of his younger brother Parker and other family members, Garrett Cram made his way across the ice to help the deer.

At first, the baby deer was skittish and stumbled along the ice trying to escape, KTHV reported. But it quickly gave up running and allowed the teen to pick it up.

“My boys are hunters, but their compassion is greater,” Charlie Cram said.