Savannah is offering to pay people to move there this year

If you’re looking to relocate, Savannah has an offer that you may want to consider. The city is offering to reimburse up to 50 people who move there before the end of the year.

The offer, of course, comes with some stipulations.

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The incentive is part of a program called the Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive. It will reimburse moving expenses up to $2,000 for "qualified technology workers currently located outside of Chatham County," according to the city's website.

In order to be eligible: 

  • Candidates can be self-employed or working in tech-related fields
  • Applicants must have at least three years experience
  • It is not open to people who have lived in the county for 30 days or more before applying
  • Eligible candidates must commit to staying in the county for at least a year
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While the moving stipend is somewhat modest, Jen Bonnett, with the Savannah Economic Development Authority told CNBC, said she hopes it will attract young professionals to the area.

“I’m not looking to attract somebody who doesn’t have an affinity for Savannah,” Bonnett told CNBC. “I’m looking for people who want to move here and build a thriving, yet small, tech community.”

Bonnett also notes Savannah’s cost of living is below the national average.