Keep calm and manage stress with these 5 meditation apps

Ease your mind, soothe your soul and connect with your inner self with a little help from these easy-to-use meditation apps.

It's widely known that regular meditation can help you feel less anxious, more focused and better able to handle the stresses of the day. But even more remarkable, researchers at Harvard, Yale and MIT suggest that practicing meditation could actually increase the size of the brain in areas responsible for sensory processing and attention. That's pretty exciting news for people who suffer from ADHD, sensory processing issues, anxiety disorders and an overwhelming stress load.

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Whether you’re new to meditation and need help starting a practice, or just interested in deepening a meditative study, try these apps to help you chart a course on your journey to well being.


Cost: free basic, premium memberships from $5.99 per month and up

If you feel like your life is way too hectic to meditate, or you just feel chaotic and have trouble remembering to stop and take time for yourself, the Aura app is for you. This mindfulness-oriented system offers thousands of diverse meditations, life coaching sessions and inspirational stories from some of the world’s most renown therapists and coaches. With options ranging from 3 minutes to an hour, you’ll have no trouble practicing self care with this one.


Cost: free, premium subscriptions/memberships from $14.99 and up

Called the “Happiest App in the World” by the Center for Humane Technology, this award-winning app is the top pick for beginners and people suffering from insomnia and anxiety. Filled with guided meditations, soundscapes, Sleep Stories and programs for breathing, stretching and relaxing, the Calm app has it all. Guided meditation sessions range from 3 to 25 minutes, and Calm’s exclusive Sleep Stories feature talent from iconic voices such as Matthew McConaughey, Bob Ross and Leona Lewis.

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Cost: $4.99 monthly or 29.99 annually

Buddhify can help even the busiest people find time for meditation, and it offers a beautiful collection of guided meditations for every mood of the day. This empowering family-run app focuses on mindfulness and encourages users to customize their own meditations. Sessions range from 4 to 30 minutes, and categories include Work Break, Walking, Waking Up, Stress & Difficult Emotion, Going to Sleep and much more.

10% Happier

Cost: $99 annually with a seven-day free trial

Who knew it could be so easy to feel 10 percent happier. Based around the New York Times best-selling book, the 10% Happier app will help you discover how to lead a calmer, lighter and happier life through a variety of guided meditation, powerful teachings and practical life lessons.

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Insight Timer

Cost: Free, premium membership offers 30 day free trial and $60 per year

Featuring the largest library of free guided meditation on the planet, Insight Timer features over 30,000 different sessions to choose from, specially curated meditations for children, music tracks, and inspirational talks from powerful speakers like Anthony DeMello and yogi Sadhguru.

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