How Delta worker helped passenger with special needs to wear a mask

The boy was afraid of surgical masks because he’d had many operations, but the employee made him a special one

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Flying with kids can be stressful, even more so when that kid has to wear a mask for a few hours.

And when your child with special needs has a fear of surgical masks because he’s had so many surgeries, it can make flying tricky.

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So a passenger identified as Jay G. reached out to Delta to help.

Delta Air Lines has already banned some passengers who refused to wear masksKelly Yamanouchi reported.

The Atlanta-based airline said earlier this month that those who do not comply with its requirement to wear a mask in flight "risk future flight privileges with Delta."

According to a Delta post on its Facebook page, Jay G. talked to Sarah about his son’s apprehension.

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“She helped me understand that there are options in regard to mask design, and she has actually made some for her family. I asked if she had ever seen any with Elmo on them as he is my son’s favorite. She wasn’t sure, but gave me some guidance on where to look,” he said.

But Sarah went a step further.

About a week later, Jay G.’s family received a package from Sarah that contained masks for everyone, including an Elmo mask for his son.

“I was floored that she 1) actually made and sent them to us and 2) remembered my son’s name and how important Elmo was to him.”

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