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Atlanta is among the top coffee cities in the country, ranking No. 12 nationwide. The area has many local shops where Atlantans can get their caffeine fix. No. 3 in this year's poll was Wallers Coffee Shop in Decatur. No. 2 was Academy Coffee in Atlanta. No. 1 was Café Rothem in Duluth.

Atlanta is the 12th best coffee city in the country, according to the latest analysis by personal finance website WalletHub.

Because we knew many people don’t frequent the big chains, we asked you for your favorite coffee spot.

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We wanted to know if you were more in to the cute cafes, like these OTP spots, or if you stayed intown, where shops serve coffee for every generation?

Your No. 3 choice, with 12.7% of the votes, was Wallers Coffee Shop in Decatur.

Wallers touts itself as a place “where coffee and music come together.” But Wallers offers more than that; it offers support for those dealing with mental health issues. Owner and musician Jason Wallers included in his shop a resource wall “for those interested in knowing more about mental health and where to seek help if needed.” Waller was diagnosed with clinical depression, and now he makes D.A.D. (Depression Awareness Dude) videos at his coffee shop featuring himself and other musicians.

Your No. 2 pick was a write-in nominee that garnered 23.6% of the votes. Academy Coffee in Atlanta has been open only about a year and was started by Atlanta natives Connan and Michelle Moody. In addition to the standard coffee offerings — espresso, cappuccino, flat white, etc. — Academy's menu includes specialty drinks. The Stuntman, for example, is an iced latte with Guinness and Jameson syrups. Order the Monkey Bidness, and you'll get an iced latte with banana and almond.

The 2019 winner of best coffee shop is Café Rothem in Duluth, which scored 31.8% of the votes.

Café Rothem was started by pastor James Choi and his wife, Joan, in 2016 as a “place of rest and healing away from the noise of the world, as well as a place that patronized arts and music,” its website states. It is also home to Calvary Church, which holds services each Sunday at 11 a.m. The café’s name “comes from the Rothem tree, the Hebrew name for the juniper tree, which makes many appearances in the Bible,” the website states. Café Rothem is also a library of sorts, and patrons can check out books for $20 a year. So, basically, the coffee shop feeds the mind, body and soul.

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