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Food trucks serve some of the best eats in town, and our poll shows people are passionate and loyal to their meals on wheels

No 5: Blaxican No. 4: Magnolia BBQ & Fish No. 3: Stan's Smoke Signals No. 2: King Kabob No. 1: Babakabab

Atlanta loves its kabobs, as voting in this year’s food truck poll shows.

More than 8,000 people voted, and three trucks were added because of the overwhelming emails asking for them to be included.

Food trucks serve everything from burgers to Lebanese barbecue. And with the Street Food Coalition's handy calendar, it's easy to find a food truck near you.

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For this year’s poll, readers had a choice of everything from hoagies to tacos to fish.

Finishing No. 5 is Blaxican, whose Mexican soul food was voted best in the country in 2015.

Our No. 4 winner is Magnolia BBQ & Fish. "The food is outstanding and the owner is just an all-around awesome guy who keeps you wanting to come back," one reader wrote in an email nominating the truck.

In the No. 3 spot is Stan's Smoke Signals. Stan's was also a write-in nominee. "Each weekend Stan Andrews serves up the best bbq and sides west of downtown Atlanta. Tailgate fans missing football and those who love old school Atlanta travel from miles around to his food truck," one reader emailed.

The top two finishers both have “kabob” in their names, but their menus are quite different. King Kabob serves its chicken, steak or veggie kabobs on a stick; Babakabab serves its Lebanese barbecue in a box.

So, which came out on top?

Considering it was a write-in nominee, King Kabob made a great showing to take the No. 2 spot, garnering 37.9% of the votes.

But the clear winner is Babakabab, with 47.7% of the votes. Lebanese barbecue, according to Babakabab's website, "revolves around the core flavors of olive oil, lemon, and garlic." Everything at Babakabab is grilled — even the falafel — for a healthier meal.

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