Outdoor workouts growing in popularity

Yoga, strength training, Pilates — they’re all popular year-round. In fact, they’re three of the most popular workouts in America. But when the temperatures rise, workout preferences shift. And the trend this summer is clear: Outdoor workouts are taking over. According to ClassPass, reservations for outdoor classes are up 41 percent since this spring.

Paddle boarding, biking, tennis are all activities you can book workouts with using ClassPass. More and more gyms and fitness studios are opening their doors and taking their classes outside. While you can’t filter for outdoor workouts on the app, a lot of the classes will state “outdoor” in the name (like outdoor bootcamp at Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women in Boston or outdoor cycling at REV Cycle in Baltimore), or you’ll see the outdoor location in the name (like boot camp at South Weddington Park at WorkoutLA Studio City in Los Angeles or Delano Beach Bootcamp at V-Art of Wellness in Miami).

Another giveaway? Look for the word “rooftop.”

Most of these outdoor workouts come from studios that typically operate indoors, but some come from less conventional sources, like Unlimited Biking in New York. Unlimited Biking allows you to sign up for a two-hour bike or rollerblade rental at the Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, or the Hudson River locations.

To find out what’s popular in your city, check out the ClassPass blog.


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