This is Georgia’s snowiest county, new ranking shows

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Despite the South being known as a hot place to be, not everyone who lives here enjoys the heat. In fact, some people prefer colder temperatures and blankets of snow covering the roads in the winter.

If you’re one of those Georgians, a new ranking from 24/7 Wall St. shows the snowiest county in the state.

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“Love it or hate it, snow is a major part of winter in many areas of the United States. While most places are not likely to see anything close to their state’s record snowfall this year — or anytime soon — some parts of each state are more likely to get the most snowfall compared to other parts of the state, based on historical data,” the financial news and opinion company wrote.

The website calculated the total snowfall for the months of November to March in the winters of 2017, 2018 and 2019. It did so using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for every weather station in the country. It also took into account the snowfall during the county’s snowiest winter month in the past three winters along with the county’s one-day snowfall record.

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To get to the snowiest spot in the Peach State, residents will have to make more than a 100-mile trek north toward the Georgia-Tennessee border.

Rabun County had a record 14 inches of snow on Jan 7, 1988, which is the most in a single day. In the last three winters, it accumulated 28.8 inches of snow. It’s snowiest winter month came in December 2017, when 12.6 inches clung to the ground.

Annually, the northeasternmost county in the state gets four inches of snow, according to Best Places. The winter low is 26 degrees and even though January and December are considered the least comfortable months of the year, the county still has a 7.5 on the annual BestPlaces Comfort Index.