‘Barkitecture’ interior design trend puts pets first

With more people adopting and fostering pets during the current health crisis, it's important to know what NOT to give your dog.

Four out of five U.S. pet owners planning to buy a home consider their pets’ needs just as important as their own, according to a Dec. 2022 study by Realtor.com and HarrisX. With so many pet owners factoring in their pets’ needs when choosing a home or apartment to live in, a new and fascinating interior design trend has sprouted — barkitecture.

“Barkitecture is an evolving term that encompasses innovative ideas to create comfortable and stylish spaces for humans and their four-legged friends,” Caroline Danielson, director of showrooms at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, told Realtor Magazine. “Originally used to describe the design and construction of dog houses and other structures specifically for dogs, the trend today has grown popular due to its ability to incorporate practical elements of pet ownership into the design of kitchens and bathrooms that both humans and dogs can enjoy.”

The fad reached new heights in 2020 with the airing of “Barkitecture” on The Roku Channel, where contractor Tyler Cameron and interior designer Delia Kenza build custom, designer dog homes for celebrity clientele. According to Danielson, the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“Barkitecture is here to stay due to growing demand among pet owners who view their animals as true family members,” he said. “They are willing to invest in ensuring that every part of their home reflects this sentiment.”

That investment, of course, doesn’t require a celebrity-sized budget.

“This trend might mean turning the area where the dog’s bed is usually kept into a more luxury dog bedroom, or incorporating stylish cat-friendly shelves and scratch posts discreetly into the permanent fittings of your home,” Louise Richardson, director of marketing at Pinterest, told Country Living.

In the end, the interior design trend is largely about highlighting a pets toys and beds throughout the home, rather than storing them away when guests come to visit. It’s a way to elevate the quality of life for our four-legged friends.