Poll: What’s the best stall at Chattahoochee Food Works?

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

Variety, affordability, immediacy, informality and community are just a few of the reasons that diners flock to food halls these days. And those are the same reasons The Atlanta Journal-Constitution decided to tackle the subject for our Fall Dining Guide.

“Food halls are the 21st century iteration of past years’ bustling markets, cafeterias and mall food courts with the ubiquitous Sbarro and Panda Express counters,” senior editor for Food, Dining & Living Ligaya Figueras wrote in her introduction to the guide. “Featuring a wide variety of offerings, food halls are lively, come-one, come-all gathering places.”

Chattahoochee Food Works

Airy and light-filled, Chattahoochee Food Works is an eclectic assemblage of 29 vendors. “It is part of The Works, an 80-acre adaptive mixed-use development that also includes 13 acres of green space, gathering areas, art installations and a kids area (that big folk might like just as much),” explained Angela Hansberger in her profile of the food hall.

But the question remains — which of the food hall’s vendors do our readers like most?

Make your selection below. Voting ends November 4, and we’ll announce the results soon after. And don’t miss our full Fall Dining Guide coverage of food halls all across Atlanta.