Hulu and top artists ‘give flowers’ for Black History month

The new campaign celebrates Hulu’s ‘Black Stories Always’ hub

Streaming giant Hulu is celebrating Black History Month with a new campaign that celebrates Black creators.

“The saying ‘give me my flowers’ does not refer to physical flowers but rather honoring people while they are still alive to see, smell, and appreciate them,” explained Genetta Robinson, Senior Manager, Multicultural Marketing, Hulu, to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The campaign is apart of Hulu’s long-standing commitment to celebrating its “Black Stories Always” initiative that helps engage talent across the company’s various platforms from Hulu to Onyx Collective and The Walt Disney Company.

RZA, better known as one of the dynamic members of iconic hip-hop group Wu-Tang, gave flowers to actor Shameik Moore, best known for the hit series “Wu Tang: An American Saga” and “Dope.”

“Its inspiring to see someone at his age with so much dedication into what he do.” said RZA in an Instagram post.

“My hope is that Hulu’s campaign serves as an encouraging call to action to be intentional and give someone their flowers now,” said Robinson.

The “give flowers” campaign also takes a stand outside of the social media world, with Hulu sending actual flowers to those honored from Black-owned florists across the country. Throughout the month, the platform will be filled with videos from some of the most well known Black artists shouting out various creators.

The campaign kicked off earlier this month with thoughtful dedications from artists including Nikole Hannah-Jones, Trevor Jackson, Josh Bonzie, Roger Ross Williams & Shoshana Guy and Quentin Plair Jr., with many more to come.

“When a person pops into your mind, pick up the phone and call them or write them a note and send it. Let them know you appreciate them by acknowledging their accomplishments, commitment, and strength while they are currently here, alive, and well,” added Robinson.