Staying fit over 40: Here’s how to shed that stubborn belly fat

Losing weight is almost never easy. But as the years begin to add up — especially when you’ve passed 40 — the task becomes even more challenging.

Here are some simple ways people over 40 can burn fat and stay healthy, according to the experts.

Rest and recover

Recovery is a key part of productive exercise, but it becomes even more important with age. Track runner Roger Pierce, 78, spoke with The Washington Post on how taking rest and recovery more seriously improved his fitness as an older athlete.

“When you’re older, you have to really be aware,” he said. “When you have pain, you have to deal with it; treat it, rest, don’t try to run through it. Recovery is as important as your training. I’m okay with backing off and taking a couple days off to recover.”

Change your diet

While there is no perfect diet for every person, there is a best diet for you. According to Very Well Fit, a healthy diet for someone over 40 is not about keeping up with the latest health crazes. Rather, it’s about finding a diet that fits your needs.

Pay special attention to portion control, boost your intake of fiber-rich foods, eat more protein and eat a modest serving of healthy fats.

Stay active

Part of being over 40 is learning how to deal with a declining metabolism. This will cause you to accumulate more fat, but staying active can help curb the effects. Personal trainer and wellness coach Vera Trifunovich told Healthline that a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise can build muscle and burn belly fat to combat that declining metabolism.

Give yourself a screen audit

Screens are everywhere, and it is simply impossible to avoid them altogether in your everyday life. However, certified fitness trainer Marcello Pedalino said doing a screen audit can actually have positive effects on your health.

“I’ve noticed the 40-plus population, in particular, is wasting a lot of time watching Netflix and thumbing through their social media feeds,” he told Prevention. “I find that those clients who start investing those hours in themselves — not necessarily just exercising more, but cooking healthy meals, spending time with friends, and even relaxing more — get a flatter belly after just a few months.”