How to access Netflix’s secret Valentine’s Day categories

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You may or may not have a significant other to cozy up to on Valentine’s Day, but you always have Netflix to keep you company.

The streaming giant is no stranger to binge-watching moments — whether you’re catching up on your favorite show solo or discussing the latest plot points with your honey — and they have plenty of romance-themed titles for you to stream ahead of Feb. 14.

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Netflix has revealed the not-so-secret codes to unlock romance series and movies to reflect all the things you could possibly feel on Valentine’s Day.

“It’s super easy, just type in[add code number] to your web browser and then let the love (or lack thereof) flow,” Netflix said in a press release.

The streamer wasn’t kidding when it said the series range “from sweet to steamy to toxic, and everything in between.”

In the mood for a feel-good romantic flick? Type in the code 35714. Would you rather catch quirky romance movies? Then use 36103.

There are also LGBTQ+ romances (3329), romantic dramas based on books (7940) and romantic teen comedies (3186) to explore.

For those who want to have a good cry on Valentine’s Day, there are also romantic tear-jerkers (9257) and movies for hopeless romantics (81495) who want to cry tears of joy. You could also explore the pain of love with love hurts by using the code 2708690.

Not all on-screen romance has to be about girlfriends and boyfriends, either. You can share the love between you and your besties by catching some gal pal TV shows (1143288).

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For a full list of codes and the genres you can watch, see the list below.

• Feel-good Romantic Movies - 35714

• Gal Pal TV Shows - 1143288

• Love and Dating Reality TV - 81233168

• Love Hurts - 2708690

• LGBTQ+ Romance - 3329

• Movies for Hopeless Romantics - 81495

• Quirky Romance - 36103

• Romantic Dramas based on Books - 7940

• Romantic Favorites - 502675

• Romantic Love Triangle Movies - 76385

• Romantic Tearjerkers - 9257

• Romantic Teen Comedies - 3186

• Steamy Romance - 29281

• Twisted Romance - 81236278

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