Hopper’s cabin from ‘Strangers Things’ is now an escape room in Powder Springs

Can you find your way out?

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For “Stranger Things” fans, Georgia’s Sleepy Hollow Farms in Powder Springs holds a special meaning. It’s home to Hopper’s cabin, an iconic on-screen spot from the Netflix series. Escape Woods, a company offering year-round outdoor escape game adventures at the farm, has decided to transform the now famous cabin into an escape room.

“In this adventure you and your team will have to explore Hopper & 11′s cabin, decipher clues, unlock doors, and solve the mystery before time runs out,” Escape Woods said on escaperoom.com. “Don’t miss out on this totally unique adventure in the actual cabin from the hit show!”

At $33 per person, Escape Woods estimates that the room takes roughly an hour to complete. The escape room earned a 4.5 star rating on escaperoom.com, with 453 total reviews.

“My son and his friends (ages 11 & 12) did Hoppers Cabin for his birthday,” Mia Mathis Puleio said in her online review. “They had a great time!! They gave them plenty of hints and they were able to solve the room (so that was a huge plus). I would definitely recommend this!”

“The outdoor escape games are a totally different experience from your average game,” Barry said in his review. “I’ve tried my hand at the bunker, funhouse, the clown (something like that) and Hopper’s cabin which is super cool, especially if you’re a ‘Stranger things’ fan.”