Georgia man creates UFO lawn display, cites his own alien encounter

Sardis resident Danny Nelson has become the talk of the town thanks to his UFO-themed lawn display, complete with flying saucers and little green aliens. According to Augusta news station Channel 6, the display was inspired by what Nelson describes as his own personal alien encounters.

“I put these things together…that was really similar to the ship that I saw,” he explained to Channel 6.

Nelson’s UFO display was inspired by an experience he claims to have had in the 1980s, when the Georgia man said he saw something in the skies above Waynesboro.

“I had been coming from work in Waynesboro one day and something looked about the length of a big jet airplane but it was cigar shaped,” Nelson said.

A few years later, Nelson said he had another alien encounter — this time in Sardis.

“I’ve been in there and I have been examined and they’re very nice to me. I was elevated from the truck out,” Nelson said. “They are gray, not green,” he added.

“He said he’s not there to harm me,” Nelson said. “He wanted to do an examination, I was going to be probed.”

Jack Johnson, a friend of Nelson’s for more than 40 years, said he believes the Georgia man saw what he claimed to see. “It sounds crazy, but the crazy ones are going to be the ones who don’t believe,” he told Channel 6. “I believe his story. He never lied to me.”