Braves Softball Coach of the Week: Kevin Pittman, EC Bullets Fastpitch

‘Every time you hit the field with a positive attitude you succeed in life and softball’

Credit: Kevin Pittman

Credit: Kevin Pittman

With another week comes another winner. This time around, Jefferson City Rec Department’s Kevin Pittman scored 90.9% of the votes to become our latest Braves Softball Coach of the Week winner. According to Sarah Estes, it’s Pittman’s patience and compassion that separate him from the pack.

“Kevin was patient with all of the girls on our 10u softball team,” she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He kept things fun at practice and in games. He never got down on them even when we were losing or a player made a bad decision. Girls would strike out and he was the most positive one toward them. He always made them feel special and that everyone one of them matters.”

The Atlanta Braves and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution are teaming up to put a spotlight on local youth softball and baseball coaches for their exemplary service to their communities. Each week, nominated coaches are voted on by their peers. Each weekly winner walks away with a $100 Kroger gift card and a baseball signed by an Atlanta Braves player.

Thank you players and parents for such a great season. We will be back at it the Fall. To the ladies off to college to...

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A Jefferson native, Pittman works for the city of Sugar Hill as a stormwater supervisor. When he’s not on the clock, he’s coaching softball.

“I coach softball for the Jefferson City Rec Department and also coach for the EC Bullets Fastpitch organization,” Pittman told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Considering some of his players walked away with college scholarships after a nationals qualifying run this spring, Pittman has had a good season this year.

“This past spring our 10U Jefferson Dragons finished second place in our division, and it was such an honor to coach them as they grew into great ballplayers and learned the game,” he said. “My 18U EC Bullets team finished well by qualifying for the USA Nationals, along with seven players getting scholarships to play in college. It is an honor to coach both teams and seeing players enjoy spending time with their families at the ballpark together.”

To Pittman, it’s not all about RBIs and OBPs. It’s about giving the community’s up-and-coming confidence.

“It is an honor to coach in the community to see how the young players adjust to the game to build their confidence when they move into high school and even college sports,” he said.

Pittman’s service to the community started with his own family, two daughters ready to step up to the plate.

“She started playing softball when she was 8 years old, and that’s all she wanted to do,” Pittman said, speaking on his oldest daughter. “She finished her high school season last year with the Jefferson Dragons and earned a scholarship to go play at Erskine College. Now my little one is coming up in 10U and we are starting over, So I will be coaching 10U and attending one playing in college.”

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For curious kids or hopeful parents interested in the game, Pittman is full of wisdom.

“I say go for it. Don’t let fear of not knowing how to play a sport or not have the confidence to play,” he said. “Sports can help you in life lessons. To the parents, don’t put so much pressure on the kids when they’re learning softball or a new sport that it pushes them away. Let them be kids and learn the game. Softball has a lot to offer. It is a game of failure and you only can exceed it when you practice, It will teach you lessons on how to deal with situations in life on and off the field. Every time you hit the field with a positive attitude you succeed in life and softball.”

For those willing to pick up their first glove and walk onto the field, Pittman said it’s an honor to be their coach.

“I would like to thank all my family and friends for voting for me,” he said. “It is an honor to coach for the Jefferson City Rec Dept and the EC Bullets Organization to teach these young players the game of softball. To all young kids, If you don’t play a sport, find one it is an honor to get to play sports.”