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Community News Fund

Help make the hard work of local journalism possible. Your tax-deductible donations will support media literacy, investigative reporting projects and more original reporting. Administered by Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Special Assignments Reporting Fund

We’re partnering with Report for America to staff journalists who will report on under-covered issues like immigrant communities and health trends, as well as issues around metro Atlanta. Report for America pays about half the salary and your donations will support the remaining cost.

Climate Reporting Fund

Your tax-deductible donation will help us follow the facts and take a deeper look at how the changing environment will affect Atlantans’ everyday lives.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution accepts donations from individuals, foundations and others who support our local journalism. The AJC maintains editorial control over all content, including content supported by donor-funds restricted for specific purposes. Funders are not permitted to influence the reporting process and are not allowed to review any stories, including those that are donor-supported, before publication. We maintain strict editorial independence at all times to protect journalistic integrity.

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