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AJC Classifieds: Safety Center

Welcome and thank you for visiting, Atlanta's classifieds marketplace in print and online. To ensure the quality of your selling experience, we have included the following information to help you protect yourself from potential buyer misrepresentation.

We are committed to eliminating fraudulent classified advertising. Contact us directly regarding any suspect ad at 404-577-5772. You can also flag the ad using the "Flag this ad" feature on the listing.

Beware of overpayment schemes

Beware of an offer from any buyer who proposes to send you a check for an amount greater than the selling price and then have you wire the balance back to the buyer or to the buyer's agent.

This is a fraud.

No one who proposes a legitimate transaction will ask you to wire excess funds anywhere. If you fall for an overpayment scheme, the check you deposit will be counterfeit and even though your bank may initially credit your account, it will hold you responsible when the bogus check fails to clear.

Know Your Buyer

Transactions with local buyers are safest. Be suspicious of buyers who are willing to buy an expensive item sight-unseen, especially buyers located overseas.

Also be wary of anyone claiming they are acting on behalf of an "agent" or "another customer." Never wire funds to a distant buyer, regardless of the carrier.

Secure Payment First

Don't turn over your keys or ship an item to a buyer until you have payment in hand - in the equivalent of cash - for the agreed upon sale price. Even cashier's checks can be forged. If they want to pay with anything other than cash - we recommend you verify the payment has cleared your bank prior to releasing the merchandise.

Avoid complicated payment schemes that involve multiple steps or buyers suggesting they pay a portion of the amount due before receiving items and the remainder after receiving items.

Be suspicious of buyers who proposemaking payment through a friend or agent.

Always insist that the buyer pre-pay shipping if using express delivery to deliver your payment (do not accept COD).

Verify the Authenticity of Certified Checks and Cashier's Checks with the Issuing Bank

Before you deposit a certified or cashier's check, verify its authenticity with the issuing bank, not just your bank.

Make sure the buyer's account contains sufficient funds and that the issuing bank guarantees payment on the check. It may take a week or more for a cashiers or certified check to clear.

Don't assume a check has cleared just because your bank has credited your account for the funds.

ajcclassifieds is not liable for the content of advertisements or for the integrity of those placing or responding to advertisements.

We only provide a forum for buyers and sellers, we cannot ensure that everyone will act honorably and treat each other fairly.

We do not guarantee or otherwise warranty any of the goods or services advertised here by third parties, so we encourage readers to take appropriate precautions when responding to ads.

There is no substitute for healthy skepticism, so screen all advertisements and inquiries carefully and use common sense.

Be smart, not sorry.

Report Fraud

If you suspect a scam, call the non-emergency number of your local police department and/or the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) toll-free at 1-877-382-4357.

If you've been targeted by a form of online fraud, you can also bring it to the attention of federal and state law enforcement agencies by filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at

For additional advice on avoiding scams and rip-offs, visit the Federal Trade Commission Website at

Contact Us

Customer care is important to us. You can reach us at 404-577-5772 with questions about your ad, 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday- Friday, or email us at