Springbot’s tools, trends and culture help drive marketing strategies

Springbot analyzes customer and purchase data and then recommends and prioritizes the best marketing actions which makes it simple to take and track each activity.

A few weeks ago we gave you a rundown of the company and how they got the idea for it. Check it out, and then continue reading below to learn about Springbot's tools and processes, how they stay on top of trends and built a motto-based culture, and what they need most right now.

What Collaboration Tools & Processes Do You Use: We use a number of collaboration tools but some of our favorites, and ones we use daily, are Salesforce, Jira, and Intercom.io. We also make it a point to meet regularly with our team and our customers to share ideas, wins, and news.

Where Do You Gain Insights From & How Do You Stay On Top Of Emerging Trends: In our industry, trends move faster than we can blink so we spend a lot of time researching how large eCommerce stores are leveraging marketing technologies and then we work hard to make those technologies simple and affordable for smaller online retailers. And because we value a collaborative environment, we make sure to share our findings both internally and with customers so that we all "stay on top of emerging trends." We also make sure to spend time in the community hosting and attending events.

What's Unique About Your Company Culture: We make it a priority to deliver on promises. We live by the motto "Do what you say you are going to do."

What You Need Most Right Now: More space, which is a great problem to have.

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