Major brawl stops Georgia-Florida all-star football game in 3rd quarter

Credit: Adam Krohn

Credit: Adam Krohn

A high school football all-star game in Riverdale between teams representing Florida and Georgia was stopped in the third quarter Saturday after  fights broke out among players.

The game, called the Florida vs. Georgia All-Star Classic, was played at Southern Crescent Stadium, a Clayton County facility adjacent to the campus of Drew High School.

The Florida team led 16-0 when a fight triggered a brawl, which then spawned several smaller skirmishes. In one, a Georgia player is on top of a Florida player landing several consecutive punches.

A broadcast of the game, aired on YouTube, showed about a minute of the fighting before going to the announcers. The broadcast later was pulled off YouTube.  Video of the fight can be seen on Twitter (below).

The is the sixth year that the event has been held. The event is run by Florida-based Prep & Sports Inc., a volunteer non-profit organization. 

The event's founder, Jamael Stewart, said the fighting began with a single punch after pass play.

"The thing that set everything off — one of the [Florida] receivers made a nice block on one of the players, and the player got up and didn't like it, from Georgia, and threw a punch," Stewart told Adam Lichtenstein of the Palm Beach Post. "That's what opened everything up."