The internet reminded everyone Offset danced in a Whitney Houston music video as a kid

The BET Awards included several memorable performances, including one from rapper Offset, who shocked some fans with a few dance moves.

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While some were amazed by his moves, others were not as surprised. The internet experts quickly reminded folks Offset was a backup dancer in Whitney Houston's "Whatchulookinat" music video.

The Migos member opened the ceremony with his wife Cardi B, performing a mashup of their hits “Press” and “Clout.” During the three-minute set, he pop-locked and two-stepped with a bunch of background dancers.

Offset also danced in videos for TLC, according to Stereogum. Some said they had no clue, posting hilarious memes and gifs of their reactions.

Offset took to Twitter, too, to let fans know he still has it and they can expect more choreography from him.

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