Special delivery! Baby born on I-285 causes Atlanta’s latest traffic snafu

Credit: Georgia Department of Transportation

Credit: Georgia Department of Transportation

Atlanta traffic has been known to prolong road trips and make the occasional commuter late for work, but there are some things that just can’t wait for the clogs to clear.

A healthy baby was born on the side of the I-285 outer loop during the middle of the Tuesday morning rush. According to Dunwoody police Sgt. Michael Cheek, the baby had already made its grand entrance before police officers responded to the shoulder near the Ashford Dunwoody Road exit around 8 a.m.

The officers waited with the mother and child until paramedics with American Medical Response arrived to take them to a hospital.

“They were transported to the hospital in good health,” Cheek said.

The medical emergency caused an early jam getting into Dunwoody, according to WSB traffic reporter Mark McKay. First responders cleared the scene at about 8:45 a.m.

The baby was not the first to greet the world on the side of an Atlanta interstate, and certainly not the first to disrupt traffic. The happy family joins a distinguished group of interruptions that includes the likes of fiery bridges, thin layers of snow and ice, escaped livestock, and even a lucrative “cash storm” in 2019 at the same Dunwoody exit.

In that incident, drivers stopped willingly when the doors of an armored truck flew open, releasing an estimated $175,000 in loose bills onto the interstate. Dunwoody police asked the opportunists to return the cash but only recovered about $6,000.

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