Remembering Snow Jam 2014

A paralyzing January storm blew through the metro Atlanta area in 2014, catching many residents -- and officials -- off guard. They called it Snowpocalyopse. The snow started falling at 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 28 - eight years ago.

The story of that weather, which stranded motorists and froze interstates, was actually a story of many stories: of government responses, of hours-long commutes, of snow and ice and freezing cold.

Here is the story of Snow Jam 2014, by the numbers.

1,200: Traffic accidents were reported, according to CBS News

5: Hours after the first snow fall that Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency

6: Hours it could take to drive 10 miles. For those heading from downtown to the burbs, it was even worse.

2.6: Inches of snow that fell, according to CNN meteorologist Chad Myers

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18: Hours before traffic returned to normal

Over 500: Cars one wrecking service said it towed following the storm

At least $10 million: Value of the property losses, including damaged cars and burst pipes

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