Take to the skies with Georgia’s most extreme things to do outdoors

Including the world’s longest zip line

For those who find Georgia’s serene parks and bucolic hiking trails lack a certain intensity, there are other outdoor activities the Peach State is ready to provide. From hang gliding to the world’s longest zip line, these are local things to do that will get your blood pumping and fill your photo album will wonderful memories in the process.

Hang gliding

As the largest and most popular full-time gliding school and resort in theUnited States, Lookout Mountain Flight Park offers a can’t-miss opportunity to take to the skies. Hang gliders soar from the 1,340-foot McCarty’s Bluff to provide a view of Lookout Mountain’s 20 miles of ridgeline.


Georgia thrill seekers have various skydiving operations to choose from. Skydive Georgia offers the safest, first jump tandem skydive in the U.S., according to Explore Georgia. For something closer to the city, there is Skydive Spaceland Atlanta.

Those east of Atlanta, especially near the Athens area, can head on over to Skydive Monroe. Jump Georgia Skydiving is in Sylvania, and Skydive the Farm is Cedartown’s premier organization.


If you have a need for speed, Georgia’s got you covered. Cedartown is home to the Highland Park Off-Road Riding Resort, which offers 40 one-way trails across 85 miles of the scenic North Georgia mountains. Then there’s the Offroad Adventures at Durhamtown in Union Point.

From fishing to paintball to sporting clay to ATVs, this resort has almost all of your extreme sport needs covered.

Zip lining

If you want to experience a certified Guinness world records holder, the world’s longest zip line course is right here in the Peach State. Historic Banning Mills is in Whitesburg, roughly a 45-minute drive from Atlanta, and features a lot more than its record-holding zip line course.

There are also aerial adventures, kayaking, eco-spider Swincar tours, hiking trails with suspension bridges, horseback riding, summer camps, team building, meeting spaces, nature shows and special events.