Japan’s currency slump makes it an ideal travel destination right now

Japan has long been a hot spot for travelers, and it broke its prepademic record with 3.1 million visitors in March

Japan is experiencing a currency slump; it’s the steepest since 1990. And this devaluation of the yen has led to a booming tourism industry.

According to Business Insider, the country broke its prepandemic tourism record with 3.1 million visitors in March. Japan has long been a hot spot for travelers, and the government said it is currently outpacing next year’s 32 million annual visitor target.

Combined with the declining currency, Business Insider laid the country’s booming tourism industry at the feet of increased travel demand caused by Japan’s strict border restrictions during the pandemic. The country reopened its doors to tourists just two years ago.

Flocking tourists are doing more than just traveling in the Eastern nation, Bloomberg reported. Many luxury items are cheaper in Japan because of its declining currency, making everything from Prada to Chanel a bargain for Western shoppers.

First time travelers to Japan have no shortage of options when it comes to itineraries. The country’s official travel page features some iconic recommendations that are certainly worth a visit.

City lovers should check out Shibuya. A bustling shopping hub full of trendy cafes and live music, it remains one of Tokyo’s top destinations. If nature is more your thing, it’s hard to beat the fresh air and fantastic views at Mount Fuji’s five famous lakes.

Lake Motosuko is perfect for taking in views of Mount Fuji, while Lake Kawaguchiko offers unforgettable sites when the leaves begin to change in early November. No matter which lake you pick, water sports are always in high supply.

Don’t want to fill out a sprawling vacation itinerary yourself? Go shopping in downtown Tokyo, rest your way through a hot springs tour in Yamanashi or immerse yourself in the Samurai spirit in Aizu Wakamatsu through these preplanned trip ideas.