Get inspiration for health and fitness at the 16th annual Alive Expo

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7 Healthy Foods, You Should Avoid When Sick. It may seem counter-intuitive, , but these 7 healthy foods could hinder your recovery. 1. Spinach, If you have a cold or fever, the histamine levels could trigger an inflammatory response. 2. Broccoli, If your stomach is upset, the high fiber content of broccoli could be hard to digest. 3. Cheese, Aged cheeses could make your headache worse due to the high histamine levels. 4. Fermented foods, Foods like sauerkraut or kimchi can constrict blood vessels in your brain, causing headaches. 5. Citrus, Although vitamin C is good for you, the acidity in citrus can irritate a sore throat. 6. Dairy, The lactose in dairy can be difficult to break down when you have gastrointestinal distress. 7. Beans, The unique sugars in beans can worsen any digestive issues

It’s always a good time to consider fitness and the 16th annual Alive Expo can help you do just that.

The event is happening Saturday, May 14 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, May 15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Cobb Galleria Centre at Two Galleria Parkway, Atlanta.

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According to Alive Expo, the event is the largest of its kind, not just in Atlanta, but on the entire East Coast. It brings together leading health organizations from across the area, including green space protection nonprofit Project Green, metaphysical supply company Heart Soul & Art, and workout camp, Camp Gladiator.

See a full list of exhibitors and vendors here.

Nonprofit organizations will share information about health screenings and products and services, host live lectures, and giveaways and provide product samples. See a full list of events and seminars here.

“Our mission is to inspire and encourage individuals to embrace a life of health and overall wellness, environmental and green living through awareness of the natural products and wellness industry to gain lifelong benefits of living a green, clean and healthy lifestyle,” the organization’s website said.

Proceeds from Alive Expo benefit local nonprofits Project Green and I Care Atlanta.

Tickets to the expo start at $10 per person daily and include admission to the expo, exhibiting companies, and educational lectures from industry experts.

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Limited VIP tickets are also available and include admission to the expo and a VIP goodie bag with products, samples, discounts and certificates. All goodie bags are valued at $75 or more.

General admission is free for children 12 and under, and for military members with a valid ID. Parking at the Cobb Galleria Centre is $10 per car during the expo.

Find out more about ticket options here.

Attendees are also encouraged to bring food donations. Those who do will receive a thank you gift of a free reusable grocery bag. Non-perishable, unexpired canned or packaged items are encouraged, but avoid bringing food in glass containers.

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