Three tasty things you might want delivered to your door

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

Healthful groceries that make preparing nutritious meals quick and easy, ready-to-heat-and-eat pretzels, and cookie dough you can bake on a whim — all are available for delivery.

Groceries from Hungryroot

New York-based Hungryroot doesn’t just deliver groceries; it also delivers simple, quick recipes for using those groceries. You start by building your food profile. How many people are you feeding? Are you looking for new foods, more plant-based foods, better nutrition? Any allergies or diet restrictions? Explain your meal preferences. Then, Hungryroot generates recipes and a grocery list. Review it, order it, and the groceries arrive at your door, with quick and easy recipes included. We loved everything we tried, including the chicken and Brussels bowl with peanut sauce, quickly put together by sauteing the shaved Brussels sprouts and warming the lentil-quinoa rice and grilled chicken breasts. It took 15 minutes to put dinner on the table, and there was nothing for us to prep. Whether you want chickpea pasta with grass-fed beef meatballs, or spinach feta turkey patties, it’s healthful eating made super easy.

Pricing plans average $60 to $100 per week. Minimum for delivery is $59. Available at

Pretzels from Eastern Standard Provisions

We love baked pretzels, those big rings with crunchy salt crystals dotting their burnished brown exteriors and light and airy insides. Now, we’ve found Eastern Standard Provisions, a Massachusetts-based company that will deliver big pretzel rings, little pretzel bites, pretzel sticks and pretzel buns just when we want them. The package comes with pretzel salt, so, when you’re ready to heat these up, you brush the pretzels with butter, olive oil or even water, and then sprinkle on just as much, or as little, salt as you like. (There are four flavors of salt, including white truffle and everything.) We tried the Maui onion mustard, which comes in a 4-ounce jar. We wish it came in quarts; it’s that delicious. It’s not just for dipping pretzels; it would be good on sandwiches, and mixed into potato salad. The website has fun ideas for other ways to enjoy your pretzels, including turning leftover pretzels into crumbs to top your mac and cheese. Sorry, what are “leftover” pretzels?

Prices range from $15.99 for a four-pack of extra large pretzels, or two 12-ounce packages of pretzel bites, to gift boxes starting at $19.99. Available at

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

Bourbon chocolate chunk cookies from A Little Taste of Heaven

Mona Sanders, of A Little Taste of Heaven, retired and moved from Richmond, California, to Douglasville, to be near her daughter. With time on her hands, she said she turned her love of baking into a business, opening A Little Taste of Heaven in 2018. She bakes gorgeous cakes and luscious pies, which are available to order online, but our new favorites are her frozen balls of cookie dough. It’s not a container of dough you have to scoop yourself, but perfectly formed scoops, ready to arrange on a cookie sheet, and bake. We tried the bourbon chocolate chunk with pecans. Each scoop of dough came already topped with a garnish of chopped pecans and chunks of milk chocolate. They come out of the bag looking beautiful, and, when baked, the cookies rival anything from your favorite baker. Frozen cookie dough comes in four flavors: oatmeal lace, oatmeal special (with chocolate chips, raisins and walnuts), chocolate chip with chunks, and the bourbon chocolate chunk that we tried.

$18 to $25 per bag of a dozen frozen balls of cookie dough. Available for local delivery or pickup. Order online at

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