Stock Up: Three affordable ways to enjoy truffles

Credit: Steve Pomberg

Credit: Steve Pomberg

Here are three delicious ways to enjoy the taste of truffles without having to splurge on the pricey fungi.

Truffle honey sea salt from Beautiful Briny Sea

You can find truffle honey and truffle salt, but it took the genius of Suzi Sheffield of Beautiful Briny Sea in Grant Park to combine those flavors and produce truffle honey sea salt. The combination of sweet, salty and umami is surprisingly versatile. We’ve been enjoying ours on winter citrus fruit salads, sprinkled on sauteed pork chops, stirred into greens, and as seasoning on baked potatoes, as well as on roasted root vegetables, like rutabagas and turnips. Also, we haven’t been able to resist dipping fresh grapes into a small dish of the salt.

$10 per 6-ounce container. Available at Lucy’s Market, the Cook’s Warehouse, Beehive Co-op, Intown Ace Hardware, Whole Foods, Coton Colors and

Credit: Ben Halpern

Credit: Ben Halpern

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Truffle dust from Farmers & Fishermen

Farmers & Fishermen Purveyors, a home delivery service, offers a range of products — from everyday staples to luxury items, such as wagyu beef and wild game. Everything is restaurant quality, and all items are available for free delivery. Fresh truffles definitely are a luxury item, but truffle dust is a surprisingly affordable way to bring truffle favor to anything that needs a little umami boost. Truffle dust is a mixed condiment, incorporating salt, carob, and truffle and mushroom extract, among other things, but it definitely carries that truffle “punch” — just having the jar around is enough to perfume your entire kitchen. You can use truffle dust as a seasoning for steaks, or mix it into the meat for your burgers, stir it into risotto, sprinkle it into your scrambled eggs or add it to sauteed mushrooms. You just need to use a little bit of it to add a lot of flavor.

$9.95 per 1.74-ounce shaker jar. Available at Delivery available in metro Atlanta, Athens and Macon.

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

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Truffle fauxmage from Taste of Seasons

La Crémerie’s truffle fauxmage is so delicious that it will convert your friends who are absolutely certain they never would like an artisanal, vegan cheese that is made without dairy. Creamy, tangy and rich with truffle oil, it hits all the right notes. Spread it on flatbread, use it as a dip with tiny leaves of Belgian endive for an impressive crudité, or use it as a creamy sauce for pasta. We shared it with friends, who had no trouble polishing off our container and wished it had come in a much bigger size.

$6.90 per 7-ounce container of cashew cream cheese with truffle oil. Available at the Morningside and Grant Park farmers markets, and at

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