Ditch the boring party favors: Creative ideas kids will love

Jessica Vicars, owner of Confetti Jar, shares her top picks for creative party favors that will have your guests raving

When it comes to creating an unforgettable birthday party for kids, the devil is in the details. While the cake and decorations are important, the party favors you send home with your little guests can make a lasting impression.

We turned to Jessica Vicars, owner of Confetti Jar, a resource for kids’ birthday parties in Atlanta, for her top picks that will have your guests raving.

“You want something they’re going to be able to take home and enjoy, not just throw in the trash or add to the collection of unused party favors,” Vicars explained.

Her first recommendation? Custom play dough jars. These one-of-a-kind creations feature homemade “creative dough” in colors and themes tailored to your party, complete with custom trinkets and stickers. Imagine the delight on your little one’s faces when they open their favor to find orange play dough with a truck sticker for a construction-themed bash or sparkly blue dough with mermaid jewels for an under-the-sea soiree.

For the little superheroes and princesses in attendance, Vicars suggested dress-up items they can wear during the party and take home to add to their imaginative play collection. “If they’re having a princess party, give them a tiara, a ring and a wand.” she advised. “It gives kids the chance to continue to be creative and use their creativity beyond your party.”

Lego enthusiasts would love building their own creations during the party and taking them home in Lego-shaped boxes. This activity-turned-favor not only adds to their Lego collection but also serves as a memorable part of the celebration.

Other unique ideas include wooden picture frames for kids to decorate, DIY jewelry, and custom items like cups or bags with personalized tags. “Having something cute and custom for parties is always fun,” Vicars added.

By thinking outside the traditional party favor box and offering items that double as activities or imaginative play props, you’ll send your guests home with a piece of the party they may cherish for years.