Here’s how to find out how much you’ve spent on Amazon

Amazon allows users to download order reports directly from its site

How much do you know about Amazon?

If planning to save money is part of your New Year, New Me resolutions, then seeing where your money is going should also be on the list.

While checking your bank account is a great way to get statistics on where you spend the most i.e. restaurants, clothing stores etc., if you’re an Amazon shopper you can go directly to the source.

According to CNBC, “customers who aren’t Amazon Prime members spend an average of $38 per month, members of the subscription shopping service spend an average of $110 per month, or $1,320 a year.”

Here’s how to find out how much you’ve spent on Amazon:

  • Log into your Amazon account and click “Account” in the top-right corner
  • Under the “Ordering and shopping preferences” section click the “Your transactions” link
  • From there you’ll see all of your transactions separated by year

Another way to track down your Amazon purchases, is via Chrome extension

  • Download the Amazon Order History Reporter and add to browser
  • Sign on to the Amazon website
  • Locate the extension you installed (if its not visible on your bookmark, you might had to search for it in your extension settings and pin it to the bookmark tab)
  • After locating the extension, select the date age you wish to see your order history from, and then opt to: “Show totals in csv downloads.”
  • Then “Download spreadsheet”

If a look at how much you’ve spent feels like a gut punch, just think of it as a guide to next year — and as a tool to be better with your spending habits.