Americans’ most disliked Thanksgiving foods might surprise you

Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are traditions for a reason, but do we really like them?

Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are traditional Thanksgiving foods for a reason — they’re on everyone’s table and appear in every photo of the holiday meal.

But do we include them because we like them or because we think we’re supposed to have them?

In its 2023 Thanksgiving survey, the Vacationer asked 1,013 Americans ages 18 and older to pick their least favorite traditional holiday food from a list of 13 choices, plus “I like them all.” Respondents could make more than one choice.

Although the most disliked dish — cranberry sauce, with 31.49% picking it — likely surprises no one, the survey didn’t differentiate between homemade tart goodness and the gelatinous monstrosity that slides out of a can (Don’t @ me).

Close behind, at 29.22%, was sweet potatoes or yams. At No. 3 was green bean casserole, with 28.04% saying “No thanks” to this dish traditionally made with Campbell’s soup and french fried onions.

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Although it was No. 2 last year, turkey — the one dish cooks get out of bed at the crack of dawn to begin preparing — finished fourth in 2023.

What goes with turkey? Stuffing, of course, which 26.75% said they could do without, making it No. 5.

The remaining choices finished:

6. Ham: 25.57%

7. Coleslaw: 25.57%

8. Pumpkin pie: 24.28%

9. Mashed potatoes: 18.66%

10. Macaroni and cheese: 17.47%

11. Carrots: 16.98%

12. Apple pie: 16.29%

13. Corn: 15.50%

None of these. I like them all. — 13.82%

Maybe this is the year for pizza and wings instead of turkey and dressing.

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