Atlanta Dream coach Tanisha Wright shares her love of Atlanta with Monica Pearson

Tanisha Wright, third-year head coach of the Atlanta Dream, sits with Monica Pearson and talks about the Caitlin Clark affect and the future of the WNBA.

Tanisha Wright, fearless leader of the Atlanta Dream, tells the AJC’s Monica Pearson that while the NBA is the pinnacle for many, the WNBA is where she plans to stay.

Wright retired from her 14-year WNBA career in 2019, and was hired in Atlanta just two years later. She’s turned the team around, accruing 14 wins her first season and 19 her second. The Dream led the league in sold-out games last year and Wright believes viewership is only going to grow from here.

Wright has lived all over the United States and said, other than the traffic, she loves living in Atlanta.

“It’s the city I never knew I needed.”

She majored in elementary education at Penn State and said that, although she didn’t become a teacher, coaching is just another form of that profession. In this week’s episode of “The Monica Pearson Show,” hear Wright describes her coaching style and why she refers to herself as a truth teller.

Monica and Wright also dive into the salary discrepancies between the WNBA and the NBA, Wright’s involvement in PowerHER, and who she considers her mentors. And find out what trait she blames on her zodiac sign (hint: she’s a Sagittarius) and what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a coach.

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