Smartphone cases offer military-grade protection

On the back of the lightweight Adidas case is an anti-slip grip hand band that to keep the phone in your hand while on the run. (Handout/TNS)

On the back of the lightweight Adidas case is an anti-slip grip hand band that to keep the phone in your hand while on the run. (Handout/TNS)

Walking the Tessco One trade show in Nashville, my eye caught some innovative and creative products for everyday use.

Gear4 smartphone cases are made with D3O military-licensed technology, proving to me that all protective cases are not equal.

A company representative shared with me that the D3O protection is so trusted that NYC police vests are getting designed with the technology along other with global brands in sports, motorcycle, defense and industrial workwear.

The slim-profile cases have a scratch-resistant finish. The D3O impact protection is a durable black lining on the perimeter of the case. According to the Gear4 site, D3O has freely flowing molecules that lock together to absorb energy on impact before returning to their natural state. I found it interesting to read that the greater the impact force, the greater the locking and the greater the protection.

He added: the protection is about providing the consumer more (protection) with less (bulk).

I wouldn’t intentionally test the drop protection, but I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had their smartphone accidentally hit the ground. Gear4 testing had D3O cases outperforming six top competitors’ and are also 53 percent lighter.

The cases are made for most all of today’s smartphones and iPad/iPad Pro tablets. $39.99 to $59.99


Apps are great for exercise and fitness but keeping your smartphone attached to you is cumbersome for following the app’s data. Adidas has a solution with the upcoming launch of a line of performance sport iPhone cases.

On the back of the lightweight case is an anti-slip grip hand band to keep the phone in your hand while on the run. When you’re done working out, use the phone’s case to watch your workout results hands free with the case’s magnetic stand.

The case is built with a polycarbonate back shield and TPU bumpers for extra protection.

Adidas Grip cases are expected to be available at select U.S. retail early summer (if not before). MSRP is $44.99.


Urbanista was my find for the day. The company was formed in Sweden in 2010 with the motto of producing headphones for urban people.

They want to make it easy for people who commute, to hear sound and to be affordable.

The Rome is a hybrid tech earbud headset with magnetic tipped earbuds attached to a flexible rubber and plastic neck band. The magnets keep the earbuds attached securely around your neck when not in use but ready for your tunes or next call.

The technology allows you to hear noise behind you for safety and hear through the headset while you’re mobile. The headset lasts about 16 hours before a USB charge is needed. due out in late April for $79.99 in black, white, blue and rose gold


Flavr iPhone cases are truly unique; each case is one of a kind.

The translucent cases offer impact protection and are referred to by the company as the ultimate fusion of runway-inspired fashion and device protection.

One series has a printed flower design on the back with each case having a different order, design or placement of the hand laid flowers.

New patterns of floral designs will be out by the summer with pricing of $21.19 to $26.50.


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