Smart cameras, easy to setup, lots of features

Momentum’s Cori HD smart home security camera is an affordable do-it-yourself system that you can have up and running in just a few minutes.

Each camera can be connected to a cloud service to save your recordings (monthly fee required for each camera) or you can avoid the charges by using your own SD memory card (up to 128GB), which inserts directly into each camera.

I used the quick start guide for setup, which was really easy. After creating an account in the accompanying Momentum mobile app, the app walks you through a few steps including pairing and naming the camera.

Once everything is connected, the app’s user-friendly dashboard lets you view the cameras, record and create rules for your system. The rules include what you want to be recorded and when along with notifications.

Each camera has a 110-degree viewing angle, records with a 720p HD resolution and sends alerts for sound and motion detection. The audio is two-way through the app to the camera, which has a speaker and microphone.

The Cori has a built-in infrared LED, enabling it to capture clear color video recording during the day and black and white at night.

I used the microSD slots for storage but if you want online storage, you have choices of monthly plans for accessing a week or a month’s worth of recordings. The plans are also priced per camera. You do get a 30-day free trial with 24/7 live stream to start.

Each camera has a base for sitting on a flat surface and lets the camera turn and tilt to get the angle you want. A wall mounting kit is included along with a microUSB cable and power adapter for each camera. $59.99 for a pair of cameras


The first and probably the most important feature of the Soul Run Free Pro Bio voice coaching wireless running earphones is its impressive sound.

While the sound is important, the features don’t end there. Believe it or not, they include a fitness coach, giving you workout tips in your ears.

Soul touts the headphones as the world’s first AI Earphones with GAIT Analysis technology to monitor your running form and provide real-time voice coaching.

The voice-activated coach is in your ears to help you improve efficiency on-the-go, and to prevent injuries.

Powered by Beflex Biomech Engine technology, it uses biomechanical data from critical aspects of your run. Built-in sensors track the statistics to guide the coach. Data are recorded and displayed on the Soul Fit app. This includes speed, distance, steps width and length, head tilt angle, balance, and many other measurements.

The attractive sporty design includes an LED light and a reflective cable to add a nice safety feature for night runners. Multiple sets of ear tips are included to ensure a snug fit with the ergonomic earphones.

You’ll get about 11 hours of playtime before a 2-hour USB charge is needed. They are IPX5 water-resistant for protection from sweat and an in-line controller lets you adjust the volume and music tracks and a built-in mic is there for handsfree calls.

Bluetooth 4.1 makes a solid connection to your smartphone, which you’ll obviously have to carry.

Back to the sound. It was crystal clear at all levels with my eclectic playlist. Over the years I’ve tested many Soul headphones and they rock and roll in your ears, except when the coach is talking. $149.99 available in passion red or power grey


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