Behind the scenes: Go inside the Spike Squad

All season, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Sarah K. Spencer has brought you videos before and after Georgia games - Know Your Dawgs. A few of those videos went beyond what happened on the field and captured the pomp and circumstance and daily life of those who work for and cheer for the Bulldogs. She took the viewer behind the scenes.

Over the next few weeks, leading up to Georgia’s appearance in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl national semifinal game against Ohio State, she will take you further behind the scenes with the story behind the most popular videos - from a look inside the locker room, to tailgating to the beloved Uga and more.

We hope you enjoy the peek behind the curtain.

From the face paint to the shoulder pads to the raucous cheering, it’s hard to miss this one famous group of fans in the student section. But how does one become a Spike Squad member? How do they come up with their crazy characters and costumes? And, oh yeah, how long does it actually take to get all that paint off?

We spoke to some Georgia students in the Spike Squad to find all of that out and give you an inside look at how they get ready for a game.

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