Behind the scenes: Go inside the Georgia locker room

All season, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Sarah K. Spencer has brought you videos before and after Georgia games - Know Your Dawgs. A few of those videos went beyond what happened on the field and captured the pomp and circumstance and daily life of those who work for and cheer for the Bulldogs. She took the viewer behind the scenes.

Over the next few weeks, leading up to Georgia’s appearance in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl national semifinal game against Ohio State, she will take you further behind the scenes with the story behind the most popular videos - from a look inside the locker room, to tailgating to the beloved Uga and more.

We hope you enjoy the peek behind the curtain.

You’ve probably seen videos or photos of Georgia coach Kirby Smart addressing his team from the locker room after games.

… But have you ever been inside the locker room itself?

Unless you’re a select few, the answer is probably a no. But after watching our feature on Georgia’s equipment staff, I’m hoping it’ll feel like a yes. It takes an enormous amount of time and organization behind the scenes to make sure players and staff are outfitted correctly, from keeping track of a player’s lucky socks to Smart’s famous visors.

In the middle of recording, a staff member walked by with a gigantic case and was nice enough to go through the arduous process of opening it up so we could take a look inside at the College Football Playoff trophy from last season’s national championship run.

That’s just one example of the cool nuggets we want to show you with our video initiative.

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