What Matt Ryan said after win over Panthers

Here’s what Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had to say after the 24-10 victory over the Panthers at Bank of America Field on Sunday.

On getting the win: "It's always important when you are in the division to play well. In games like this it comes down to making some plays when you have your opportunities. The first play of the second half. It was obviously a great play call by (offensive coordinator Steve) Sarkisian. A really good route from Calvin. A really good design to get him open. To start the second half with a touchdown on one play really created some momentum for us."

On Sanu's touchdown: "Again, really good play-action to get the front seven to honor the run. It was another really good concept and call by Sark to create space for Mohamed to run. Rarely in this league do you get two long touchdowns in a game that are untouched. Both of those guys were untouched."

On Brian Hill: "I thought he ran the ball really well today. It was a really nice job. He was physical. The guy has worked hard for us and has finally gotten his opportunity and today he took advantage of that. ... His effort and the way that he ran was really good today."

On finishing the season: "Anytime that you are playing, it's important to win. Specifically, in the division, there are always matchups that you want to come up on the right side of them. ... We want to make sure that we are playing our best football to close out the season."

On the offensive weapons: "It's great to have a bunch of different guys that are capable of making plays at anytime in the game. We are at our best when everybody is involved and we are running the football and throwing play-action passes off of it. I thought we did nice job of that today. Everybody created explosive plays. We are difficult to defend when you have to account for a lot of people."

On Julio Jones' touchdown: "His toughness is second to none. He plays thought a lot of different things at a lot of different times. He probably ran about 40 yards on that play, from the backside to the back pylon on the right side. Just excellent by him of staying with in and toe-tapping on the sidelines. It was a great way for us to start the game."

On Calvin Ridley tying the rookie receiver TD record: "He has had a great year, he really has. He has done a lot of really good things for us and the credit goes to him. When he has gotten his opportunities he has made plays. I think he has been lucky to come into a group at that wide receiver position that has mentored him really well and taught him what I means to be a professional and Cal, you know, has done an exceptional job for a young guy of buying into that."

What would you have said if you heard at the beginning of the season that only one team from the NFC South would be in the playoffs?: "I would have said, I hope it is us, and that is probably the biggest thing. You never know in this league, it's tough. The parity throughout top to bottom, year in to year out, the margin for winning and losing is razor thin. I know this division is tough, there is a lot of really good players, good defenses, good quarterbacks, but I wish it was us that was the one that was in."

What went through his mind when he first saw Matt Bosher's hit: "I didn't see it. I've got to see the highlights. I heard it, I was sitting on the sideline, but I did not see the hit yet, so I'll give you a better answer some time this week."