What Dan Quinn had to say after the loss

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 13: Head coach Doug Pederson of the Philadelphia Eagles shakes hands with head coach Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons after the game at Lincoln Financial Field on November 13, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Falcons 24-15. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 13: Head coach Doug Pederson of the Philadelphia Eagles shakes hands with head coach Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons after the game at Lincoln Financial Field on November 13, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Falcons 24-15. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Here 's what Falcons coach Dan Quinn had to say after the loss to the Eagles:

Opening statement

“First off we’ll tip our hat to Philadelphia, thought they outdid us in all the phases- offensively, defensively, in the return game- which we knew was going to be a big part of it as well. We certainly had our opportunities today, and feeling the disappointment that we have when we didn’t nail it. We have a lot of areas to improve upon, and that’s what we’ll set our jaw on and intent on doing.”

On the Eagles’ ability to get in a rhythm offensively:

“That was for sure the case and their quarterback played well early on. We held them to some field goals, which for sure helps on some of the drives. They missed one and had another one we had good pressure on. But when they have the balance like they did today, running the ball and passing it, that’s when we’re at our best offensively so we got a taste of our own medicine in that case.”

On the Falcons’ struggles in defending the run:

“I wish it was one thing, we could say it was one thing and we would have corrected that. When there (are) some technique errors and some big plays that happen, usually that’s when we’re out of a gap or didn’t play it well. So the explosive runs that happened today – trap, the outside run - for us not playing it like we like. Like I said we’ll tip our hat to them, but I think there will be some corrections that we’ll want to make on those tomorrow and be disappointed in how we played on a number of them.”

On the Eagles’ physicality on the offensive line:

It was definitely frustrating for us, no question about it. For us to have a team run the ball on us, with the physical style that we like to play and have the explosiveness in the run game; for sure that was a big factor in this game.

On the youth of the Falcons’ defense and the level they are playing at:

“That’s a great question. In terms of the style and the attitude and the effort and the toughness, we’re improving in the way that we want to ball hawk. We’re forcing more fumbles, we’re not getting as many interceptions as we like, but I do think the mindset of causing turnovers in the run game were there. We still have a ways to go in improvement on our tackling and making sure our fits are exactly on point. Today was not a good day, not singling out any players specifically but defensively was a difficult day for us. We are gaining confidence in those players and how we like to play, I will say that.”

On the Falcons’ difficulty to move the ball offensively:

“Like I said we’ll give them the credit and I thought we had some opportunities today that we let slip by. When you do not convert on those you have to give the other club credit. That’s exactly why we wanted to keep getting our opportunities and why we went for it at the end of the game as well, just to get our chance to stay in this thing. We’re going to look at this film and find out what ways we want to improve. It’s so-called our halfway mark of things we’ve done well and things we need to improve upon, and that’s what we’re going to set out to get accomplished this week.”

On the play of the Falcons’ offensive line:

“I know that the balance for our run game wasn’t on point like we like it today, for sure that’s one that we’ll look at. I don’t know how many hits [Falcons QB Matt] Ryan had compared to this game or some other ball games. That unit usually plays in pretty good cohesion in terms of the communication that goes up and down the line. We’re anxious to see why some of the runs didn’t take off like we like, but that’s a big part of our offense, as you know”

On the Falcons’ defensive rotations:

“Some of it was injury related, some was just a matter of where we wanted to keep a guy fresh and keep going.”

On getting stopped on third down:

“The lowest output for sure. And that’s what causes some of our discouragement and disappointment tonight. We didn’t feel like there was anything so out of the ordinary for us to nail on some of the plays. So again, I’m going to give them the credit. There was not a scheme that was so unusual in this game that they employed that gave us more difficulty than another. We got out executed in some of the phases and that’s what can make it so difficult to take it.”

On whether he thought the momentum was going to shift towards the Falcons after WR Taylor Gabriel broke off for that long touchdown:

“It certainly felt that way. That was the thing that we needed to set it off. So when you go ahead, you’d love to be able to answer. When you don’t, that’s why I felt like all three phases have a real a hand in our game. And that’s why this team is so tight. They’re totally pulling for one another. We didn’t nail it today at the end. When you have the lead and it’s time to go close it – that’s what we didn’t do.

On whether the team was able to exploit the Eagles defensive backs:

“No. Like I said, I’ll give them the credit for sure. Like every unit that we go against, we love to exploit everything we can in terms of levels in the pass game, the run game, the play action to make guys step up. So we had some shots. We had some opportunities today, but we’re going to give them the credit today for sure.”

On whether the Eagles defense prevented the team from throwing the ball deep:

“I wouldn’t say as much as we wanted to, but we had our shots and we didn’t convert on them. We certainly had our routes that went deep. Some we took. Some we didn’t.”

On Ryan being rushed and not having a lot of time:

“Yeah, for sure it felt that way that we got off the spot and that will be something that I look at tomorrow. It would be a good follow up for us tomorrow - how many we did have that we weren’t in poise and throwing. We knew this defensive line was good coming into the ballgame. We knew that was one of the strengths of their club. So like I said we’ll give them the credit. But I don’t know the amount of times, but I did feel like we was under pressure, yes.”

On the offensive interference call on TE Joshua Perkins:

“I didn’t see it to be honest with you. My eyes were downfield.”

On S Keanu Neal’s hit on Eagles WR Jordan Matthews:

“Yeah I don’t have any thoughts on it other than just the way he’s taught in the strike zone is we’re going to try and hit someone absolutely as hard as humanly possible. And if there’s a hit to the head, then we didn’t lower our strike zone quite low enough. But I’ll go back and look, but I didn’t get a chance to see, you know did they think it was a foul. But I can tell you he is clearly becoming a very physical safety, in the box out, but by no means is he taught to go up high or do anything that’s out of whack. The leverage tackling that we do, we want to absolutely throw fast balls in that strike zone. And if that target is on point, I’ll applaud that hit as loud as I can.”

On changes made at halftime in response to the Eagles defense:

“Different formations you try to do to create some space. Sometimes it can be a case of doing what we do better and that’s not always the case that we’re going to wholesale change everything that we’re doing. We certainly were prepared for the looks. Philadelphia is not a team that does a lot of different things in terms of their defensive line. So I wouldn’t say it was wholesale changes. Some of the formations were different, that’s for sure.”