STORYLINES: Can Falcons win outdoors?

Can the Falcons win a road game outdoors? The Falcons' debacle in London left them without a victory outdoors since Nov. 25, 2012 at Tampa Bay. If the Falcons are to snap the streak, they must somehow get quarterback Matt Ryan more time in the pocket. When given time, he can find receivers down the field. Against Detroit on passes thrown 10 yards or more down the field, Ryan was 6-of-8 for 87 yards and a touchdown, according to Pro Football Focus. Ryan averaged 2.36 seconds to throw against Detroit, which reduced the sack total and ranked 25th in the NFL in Week 8. More time should equate to bigger plays, more yards and touchdowns.

Can the Falcons withstand the Bucs' bid for revenge? Tampa Bay coach Lovie Smith has not backed away from the revenge angle this week after the Falcons slapped the Bucs around 56-14 before a national TV audience Sept. 18 at the Georgia Dome. "We definitely remember that," Smith said. "You don't forget games like that. It goes without saying. We remember what happened the first time around." His players tried to downplay that they'll seek some retribution against the Falcons, who have lost five consecutive since that game.

What's the plan to stop the blown coverages on deep passes? Blown coverages in the secondary have played a major part in the Falcons' losing streak. They gave up a 74-yard pass play to Chicago's Alshon Jeffery, and Detroit completed a 59-yard touchdown pass to start their rally from 21 points down. The Falcons signed safety Charles Godfrey over the bye week. He's played cornerback, nickel back and safety over his career and said he would be ready if needed.