Reid on Mahomes: ‘He did a great job. He kept firing’

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addresses winning his first Super Bowl trophy. (Video by D. Orlando Ledbetter.AJC)

Here's what Kansas City coach Andy Reid had to say after wining Super Bowl LIV on Sunday:

Opening statement: "All right, I have no injuries." (Laughter)

On what the win means to Kansas City: "Listen, I'm happy for the Hunt family most of all. They've been through a lot over the years. For them to have this back in their hands, I think, is tremendous. And for the city of Kansas City, it's great. I joked with the guys over here about. … There's going to be some (inaudible) flying tonight, man. I wish I was there to join them. And then for our team, I told them I'd coach another 20 years if I could have that group right there. They're a beautiful bunch, resilient, tough, tough-minded, very tough-minded as you saw tonight. I'm so proud of them."

On QB Patrick Mahomes: "He did a great job. He kept firing. That's what he did. The guys around him just believed in him, we all did, all the coaches likewise. And then our defense had just a couple great stands in there. We knew it'd be a close game, felt that way, and we knew there would be some challenges that we'd have to battle through and nobody lost their poise. They just kept rolling. I was proud of everybody there."

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On what he said to the players: "I haven't had a chance to talk to them yet, but on the field, I just said, 'Hey, keep going. We're going to be OK. We'll start making some plays here. We've done it before; we'll do it again,' and we did. You got that suit on man, doggone. I'm liking it. Fire away."

On overcoming last year's AFC Championship loss: "The guys — just last year, losing in the championship game, I think the effect that had on the guys, they felt it getting that far and then being that four inches off. It wasn't Dee Ford, it was all of us. We were all four inches. We could've done four inches better. This offseason, they put their mind to it as did the coaches and everybody upped their game and this is the result. It's phenomenal. I'm not sure it's all sunk in, but it's awesome right now."

On whether the late-game scenario was similar to the one he was in 15 years earlier in Philadelphia: "That never crossed my mind. I've been through it the last couple three weeks here. I just felt like we got it straightened out. When you kind of find that accelerator, for a series or two, we'd be okay. We were able to find that on both sides of the ball. And then special teams did a great job of making them drive along the field. It was an all-around team effort."

On enjoying the win: "I'm really excited about it. You get one, you want to go get another one, but we got to back pedal for about a minute here and enjoy this one and we'll get busy on the next one."

On his time in Philadelphia: "I loved my time in Philadelphia. Phenomenal players there. We were so close so many times. My heart went out to those guys. If there's one thing that hurt, it was for the Lurie's and the players. This is a pure team effort. I'm happy for them. They have a little piece of all of this. And then for the Eagles to do what they did a couple years back with Doug (Pederson), that's a special city. They've had some great players there. It's great to see them still involved with the city. Again, I appreciate it. It's humbling to think about all that. I do appreciate every bit of it."

On RB Damien Williams: "Damien, I thought, did a great job. I thought Sammie (Watkins), Damien, Tyreek (Hill), the offensive line rallying round the guys. Damien has put together three games now that have been powerful. When needed, he just bared down. That 95-weak there at the end in the backfield, that's an old-school formation, double tights and two backs. It's nothing but power football. For him to pound it in like that, that was great."

On the team visiting the White House: "I haven't even thought about that. I'll be there. They're inviting us, I'll be there. It's quite an honor I think."

On the team's talent: "I'd be reminisced if I didn't mention Brett Veach up here and the job he's done bringing players in. The competition that's been presented to these guys throughout and the zest it gives you to be creative as coaches. To try to utilize these guys strengths and abilities. It's not all Patrick (Mahomes) - he'll be the first to tell you that - but it's a good place to start and continue to build that competition will be the most important thing that we do there as we keep going. Unfortunately, things change in this league. I told the guys that last night. They know that, but I may have reminded them that it'll never the same as it is tonight. That's the sick part about this job, because it's such a unique group."