Referee Bill Vinovich on key non-call in NFC Championship

The Rams cornerback discuss key play in NFC Championship game.

Professional Football Writers of America pool reporter Amie Just, New Orleans Times-Picayune/, interviewed referee Bill Vinovich following Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the Rams and Saints. The interviewed centered around a key fourth-quarter play.

Amie Just: What was the reason that there was no penalty flag called on the Drew Brees pass to Tommylee Lewis?

Bill Vinovich: It was a judgment call by the covering official. I personally have not seen the play.

Amie Just: Did the timing in the game have any impact on the no-call there?

Bill Vinovich: Absolutely not.

Amie Just: In this situation, is the play subject to an instant replay review?

Bill Vinovich: It is not a reviewable play.

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