Middle Tennessee’s Byard shining at Senior Bowl

Updated Jan 27, 2016

MOBILE, ALA. — Former Middle Tennessee safety Kevin Byard made a dazzling interception during the South team’s Senior Bowl practice on Wednesday.

Byard, who is from Lithonia and played at Martin Luther King Jr. High School, is hoping to impress NFL Scouts. He has interviewed with the Atlanta Falcons.

Here’s what Byard, who’s represented by Atlanta-based agent Hadley Englehard, had to say after practice:

Q: What was like making the pick? What did you see on that play?

A: “I was pretty much just doing my job, staying in the deep middle and readying the quarterbacks eyes. I was just doing the things that I did in college and also in high school. It’s some that I’m naturally good at. I just went up there and made a play.”

“I had a great career at Middle Tennessee. I made a whole lot of plays. Broke a lot of records at my school and also in the conference. Just my ball-hawking skills that I displayed in college, I know will help me out in the league. I definitely think it helped me out here today. I was making plays. I can definitely play against anybody. I’m facing the highest competition and I enjoyed it today.”

Q: What do you hope to show the scouts on Saturday?

A: “Just my coverage skills. Show them my intensity. Show them that I can take great angles to the ball. Just be a ball player. Just flying round to the ball.”

Q: What’s it like practice against the some of the guys from the so-called major five conferences?

A: “It’s been great, but I really try not to pay attention to the name on the helmet. I’ve played big-time ball since I’ve been at Middle Tennessee. It’s nothing new. I’m just trying to show the scouts that I can play with anybody at the highest competition.”

Q: What do you think are your best skills as a defensive back?

A: “I definitely think it’s my ball-hawking skills. I displayed that on the interception, but I also think I’m a great tacklers. I also think I take great angles to the ball and just my effort that I display on every play of the game.”

Q: Where you a Falcons fan growing up and have you interviewed with them yet?

A: “I wouldn’t say I was a devoted Falcons fan, but the games always come on on Sundays and I always check them out. I know the Falcons need a safety and I’m hoping to fill that void.”

Q: Have you talked to them yet?

A: “I talked to them after the first night that I got here. I had a good little interview with the Falcons. I’m hoping that they like me.”

Q: Where do you think you may go in the draft?

A: “I’m pretty much not worried about that right now. I’m just out here trying to maximize myself. Get better every day and just perform in the game on Saturday and fly around to the ball.”