It’s been 318 defensive snaps since Falcons recorded a sack

The Falcons have not recorded a sack since the 9:50 mark of the third quarter against the Colts on Sept. 22.

Defensive ends Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley sacked Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett on second-and-13 from the Colts’ 22 that day.

In subsequent games against mobile quarterbacks, the Falcons failed to bring down Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota, Houston’s Deshaun Watson, Arizona’s Kyler Murray and Los Angeles’ Jared Goff.

Overall, it’s been 318 defensive snaps since the Falcons recorded a sack.

The Colts ran 21 more plays after the Beasley-McKinley sack. There were 76 defensive snaps against the Rams, 69 in the Arizona game, 73 against Houston and 79 against Tennessee.

The Falcons have recorded only five sacks, which ranks last in the NFL. The Dolphins and Jets have seven sacks.