Q&As with the Nkemdiches

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Watch as the number one recruit in the nation, Robert Nkemdiche chooses Ole Miss as the university he will attend and play football.

Robert Nkemdiche, rated the top high school football player by most scouting services, said he will attend Ole Miss on Wednesday, the first day of the signing period.

The decision reunites Nkemdiche, who wore a white shirt, blue bowtie and red suspenders decorated with "Ole Miss" logos on Wednesday, with his older brother Denzel, who plays linebacker for the Rebels, gives coach Hugh Freeze the jewel in what is expected to be the school’s best recruiting class, and ends years of speculation about where the Grayson High standout would go.

Nkemdiche, a 6-foot-5, 275-pound defensive end, committed to Clemson last June, only to back out of that decision in November.

In between then and Nkemdiche’s national televised decision on Wednesday in the high school’s auditorium, filled with reporters and TV crews, has been all the drama that those who love Signing Day enjoy and causes other to scratch their heads.

It was reported that Nkemdiche’s mom, Beverly, felt her son was pressured into committing to the Tigers. She also said she would like for Robert to join Denzel, but that she also favored Alabama. There has been speculation that he backed out because Clemson wouldn’t offer a scholarship to one of his teammates. There has been speculation that the University of Mississippi Research Center in Jackson, Miss. was going to offer his dad, Sunday, a doctor, a job.

Robert took late visits to Florida and LSU, which apparently made a big impression on him because he tweeted "LSU pushing man!!!! Getting hard now!” after visiting Baton Rouge, La.

Nkemdiche said he finished his high school career with 46 sacks. He was an Atlanta Journal-Constitution Super 11 selection and made numerous all-state and all-american teams.

Here are paraphrased Q&As with three members of the Nkemdiche family:

Robert Nkemdiche

Q: When did you know?

A: Two weeks ago.

Q: On the class Ole Miss is building:

A: I feel like there are a lot of guys coming and we will do some special things. We all started speaking together. They liked Ole Miss and they all started talking about coming.

Q: On coach Hugh Freeze:

A: I’ve got a good relationship with coach Freeze. He’s a real good dude. Young, energetic dude.

Q: Did he say you would start?

A: He didn’t say I would start. He said I had to come in and work.

Q: Why Ole Miss?

A: It just felt right. Playing with my brother and the fan base. The program’s on the rise; just a couple of things here and there that will put them over the edge.

Q: On his parents’ joy:

A: What parent wouldn’t want their kids to play together? It’s every parent’s dream.

Q: On the future of the defense:

A: We’re coming. We are on the rise.

Q: What’s next:

A: Just have to work. Keep grinding and hitting the weights. I’m hungry

Q: On family aspect of the decision:

A: It was big. It had to be. That’s my fam.

Q: On LSU:

A: LSU pushed it. It was a great coaching staff. They had a lot of good things. It was hard to turn them down but you have to do what you have to do. It was hard to turn them down.

Q: The class Ole Miss is building:

A: It could be the No. 1 or 2 class in the country. We are going to do something special.

Q: On the fact that Ole Miss has never had a class like this:

A: It doesn’t always have to be Alabama or LSU. What makes the program is the players.

Q: On the circus of recruiting:

A: It’s been crazy. I just had to stay levelheaded and keep to myself.

Q: On staying calm during the process:

A: My coaches and friends…treat me like I’m the same as everybody else.

Q: On mom and dad keeping him grounded:

A: They treat me like I’m their son and not a superstar.

Q: On Clemson:

A: That was a decision I made in the moment and I shouldn’t have. I don’t like to mess with people. I just felt when I got home. Dabo (Swinney) is a great guy. They had a great season and a great program, but it is what it is.

Q: On going from No. 1 to a freshman:

A: I like that. For a long time I’ve been the top guy and now I get to start all over, getting to eat again. I like it.

Q: On if he’s glad it’s over with:

A: Yes. I’m ready to go to the next stage and do what I have to do.

Denzel Nkemdiche

Q: On the excitement of the class:

A: When Laquon Treadwell and Robert started linking up and talking about what they can come in and do and help us out and where the program was going, the chemistry of the team, the culture, how much has changed at Ole Miss, it’s been huge.

Being able to get all those big-time recruits in town the same weekend, that was huge to show those boys our personality and our characteristics. We felt like a team and they weren’t even there yet.

They got a good vibe from the whole community.

Q: On the future of the Ole Miss program:

A: There’s no doubt we have the talent and work ethic to play for a national championships in the next few years. We have everything we need to play for a national championship.

Beverly Nkemdiche

Q: How relieved are you?

A: Relieved is the word. I am totally relieved. This has been madness in a good way really. It’s not everday you get this attention from the whole nation.

At first I didn’t quite understand all of this but I’m glad that it’s come to an end. It was kind of overwhelming for me, and my family and my son at his age.

Q: Why Ole Miss?

A: I let him make that decision. Up until last night I didn’t know.

When I came in yesterday from Nigeria, I read online that he was headed to LSU. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t see him until he came from basketball last night.

He came in and he pulled a cap from the bag and said, “Momma, you got your wish.”

I cried, I jumped, I held him. I said OK, “I’m going to wear my red dress.”

I was just overwhelmed.

Q: What happened with Clemson?

A: Clemson, for me, I didn’t think wanted to include the family. They never spoke to my husband.

He just went there for a visit and boom it was on television that he had committed. I said to him that this is a family decision. You tell me what you want to do.

I went to church one day and came back and he said, “Mom, I decommitted.”

He was not put under pressure as much people would think. But I expressed myself that I didn’t like how it happened.

Q: What are yall going to do now? There were reports that Sunday interviewed for that job in Jackson?

A: The truth of the matter is that he interviewed for that job before the recruiting started. It’s a job he’s well-qualified for if he wants to take it.

Right now we are taking it one day at a time and we’ll see if it’s a job he wants to do.