Is Oklahoma State Georgia's 'toughest' opener ever?

The hype is starting for the Sept. 5 opener at Oklahoma State.

“I’ve been watching a lot of film,” quarterback Joe Cox said, and that [game] is going to be a big challenge. A lot of people are saying that might be the toughest Georgia opener ever.”

Oklahoma State is the first of three non-conference BCS opponents on the Bulldogs’ schedule. By contrast, defending national champion Florida has only one non-conference BCS opponent — the annual game against Florida State — and coach Urban Meyer says one is enough.

“Do we wake up and say, ‘Let’s put together the most difficult schedule in college football?’ Absolutely not,” Meyer said. He said the Gators’ scheduling philosophy is to play one “big-time” opponent, in addition to FSU, “every couple of years.”

‘Accountability’ stressed

The Bulldogs, who infamously had eight players arrested in the off-season last year, have had no appearances on the police blotter so far this year.

Richt thinks part of the reason is that the team’s seniors have stressed player-to-player accountability.

Quarterback Joe Cox agreed. He said the seniors told “everybody to grow up.”

“I think a lot of players got sick of [the off-field incidents] themselves,” Richt said.