Kennesaw State will pitch football plan again

Upon further review .... Kennesaw State’s hope for football may be decided on Wednesday.

The university's financial plan to support the team and other Title IX efforts is on the agenda for the State Board of Regents meeting on Wednesday.

This is the second consecutive month that Kennesaw’s plan has been on the agenda. It didn’t go far last month. At the January meeting, a subcommittee recommended the plan receive further study. The Regents agreed.

Kennesaw State will ask the Regents to approve an increase in student fees of $100 per semester to fund the initiatives. Student fees at KSU in the 2012 fall semester were $817. The proposed increased would result in $252 earmarked for athletics. Multiplied by the university enrollment of more than 24,000, the increase is expected to cover the projected $3.5 million in annual operating costs for the football team. The fee would go into effect for the Fall semester later this year.

The university announced in Sept. 2010 that, after a committee chaired by former Georgia coach Vince Dooley spent 10 months examining the possibility, it was going to move ahead with adding football and hoped to field the first team by 2014.