Go green to cheer on red and black Bulldogs

The University of Georgia is asking football fans to think green while cheering on the red and black Bulldogs on Saturday.

When nearly 100,000 fans gather on football game days, the Athens campus takes a beating – even when the home team wins.

Now, the university and athletics department are teaming up to encourage fans to help cut down on the amount of trash left behind after games.

If you're heading to a game, here are some suggestions:

• Bring reusable containers. That way, less trash will have to be tossed in one of the 1,200 additional trash cans placed on campus on Friday afternoons.

• Bag up waste. Students have to go to class on Monday. Fans can do their part by bagging up their trash at their tailgate site.Then, leave the trash bags for the UGA campus clean-up crew to grab.

• Recycle. Those cans and cardboard containers can be recycled. Clear recycling bags will be available at campus parking decks.

The first of hundreds of trees were planted on campus this week, in time for the home opener Saturday night vs. South Carolina. The trees are part of a $1 million donation to the university from the Select Sustainable Tree Trust.

Over the next 10 years, hundreds of trees will be planted on north campus, where Sanford Stadium and the university's historic arch are located.