Georgia Tech vs. Virginia: 3 questions with Harrison Butker

Three questions with senior kicker Harrison Butker ahead of Georgia Tech’s game against Virginia on Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium:

Q: Do you have a preference what bowl the team goes to?

A: I really enjoyed the Music City Bowl, and I really enjoyed the Orange Bowl. Both of those were pretty awesome. I don't really know what to expect for the next one. I think we are going to miss Christmas either way.

Q: Do you feel that you and Ryan Rodwell have had as good a year as any other special-teams combo in the ACC?

A: I'm thinking about the other combos. We are doing pretty well so far, I'd say. I don't know as much about the punters, but I'd take Ryan as a holder over anybody else in the country. He's been doing a great job holding the ball for me. I feel bad for a lot of other kickers that I'll see either on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram a screenshot of them kicking the football and I'm like, "that's an awful hold." Ryan does a great job of getting the ball, and Casey (Wilson) does a great job snapping it. I think we've been having a good season. I'm glad we are. We're seniors. It shows we've gotten better every offseason. Our best season has been our senior year.

Q: What makes a good hold?

A: Spin the laces fast. The longer I can look at the ball there being perfectly still the better. If it's a bad snap or if the holder's fumbling with it,or if they give me laces, if the lean's not good — usually you want the ball straight up and down the with the lean to the holder — all those small things that no one really knows except for kickers.