Hawks now with five first-round picks in next two years

Travis Schlenk plans to rebuild the Hawks through the draft. The general manager has added to a stock of draft picks the team has accumulated recently.

The Hawks likely will have three first-round draft picks next year and two the following year. That’s five first-round picks in two years, though the Hawks may not keep or make all three first-round picks next year. They also have their own second-round pick each of the next two years.

Here is the list:


* Own

* Timberwolves, a 1-through-14 protected pick acquired in the Adreian Payne deal. If the Timberwolves don’t make the playoffs the pick would move to 2019 for another chance to convey. It’s been a long while since the Timberwoves made the playoffs, but with a core of young talent and the acquisition of Jimmy Butler, the drought may be over.

* Rockets, a 1-through-3 protected pick acquired in the three-way trade with the Nuggets and Clippers agreed upon Tuesday that will be announced following the NBA moratorium on Thursday. The pick came from the Clippers as part of the trade that sent Chris Paul to the Rockets. This doesn’t figure to be a high pick as the Rockets just added Paul to a Western Conference power.


* Own

* Cavaliers, a 1-through-10 protected pick acquired in the Kyle Korver trade. The pick would move to 2020 if it does not convey. This also doesn’t figure to be a high pick as the Cavaliers remain one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.