John Collins did not advance to the finals of the Slam Dunk Contest after a two-dunk opening round during NBA All-Star Saturday Night in Charlotte.

The Hawks’ second-year forward went first of the four competitors. In his opening dunk, Collins grabbed the side of the backboard with his left hand and slammed with his right hand. The dunk scored an 8 (out of 10) from all five judges for a total of 40 points. He was third after the first round.

On his second dunk, Collins paid tribute to North Carolina’s history of flight. He began by bringing out five men dressed as Tuskegee Airmen. He positioned a large model of the Wright Brothers airplane under the basket. He then donned a leather hat, goggles and white scarf, delivered by teammate Trae Young. Collins jumped over the plane for a tomahawk dunk. The final attempt earned three 8’s and two 9’s for a total of 42 points.

Collins, with 82 points, and the Hornets’ Miles Bridges did not advance.

The Thunder’s Hamidou Diallo defeated the Knicks’ Dennis Smith Jr. in the final. Each had first-round dunks that earned perfect scores of 50.